"You've been feeling the nudge to do more in your life. What if you could pay forward your recovery by positively impacting your community?”

The Recovery Ripple Project is a self-paced program for people ready to take their recovery to another level of service yet need the structure and support in identifying, designing and implementing a recovery-based Passion Project.

Plus: You will receive all the support you need in crafting a purposeful project that has you sharing your gifts and talents with others while making you a recovery month rockstar as you get recognized as a leader in your community.

Over the next 12 weeks, you’ll receive training in setting up a Passion Project that has heart and meaning for you while being of service to your family, community and colleagues.

You won’t just learn the ins and outs to designing a passion project - instead you’ll get something even more incredible; the experience of stepping into the bravest version of yourself and feeling a deep sense of accomplishment and gratitude.

See yourself now… You've come up with a brilliant idea that has you standing forward in service and sobriety so that you can do your part in ending the stigma while stepping into your personal power. You are in full empowerment mode. You’ve gathered a group of people together. Shared strength and hope alongside your peers. And you are witnessing people say hi, shake hands and give huge hugs to one another. Your Passion Project represents love. And you are feeling fully fulfilled with your head held high, shoulders back and full of confidence. You paying it forward inspires people to get sober, stand forward in sobriety and even do their own Passion Project.

What's Included?

  • 12 pre-recorded self-paced trainings so that you can listen and then listen again as I support you with structure in identifying, claiming and creating your Passion Project.
  • Specific Action Steps so that you can take bold and inspired action that’s going to lead to limitless belief of what you are capable of. I know you are meant for so much more!
  • Self-reflective questions so that you can do the inner work along the way that’s going to have you leaps and bounds in front of other people who say they want to do something and well, never get around to it.

It’s time to turn your life’s challenges into your life’s work!

You’ve been waiting for a long time for an opportunity like this where you can showcase the growth you’ve made in your recovery, give back to your family, friends and community and give yourself permission to feel good about all the hard work you’ve put into rebuilding your life. Waiting longer would only be you holding out on your worthiness. And you and I both know you’ve done that for far too long.

PLUS: Recieve access to a free FB Group for support and accountability from others doing a passion project too!

Own your worth! Own your recovery! Own your influence!

Ready to serve in a bigger way than you ever knew possible for you?

Here’s what happens next

  • Receive a welcome email that gets specific on how you can set yourself up for success.
  • Receive access to your first module recording within 24 hours of signing up.
  • Each week, you will receive a new mega-packed module that will help you identify your project, help design your project and implement your project.

Hello, I’m Beverly Sartain: Recovery Life Coach who believes that people in recovery have the capability to end the stigma and bring consciousness to the recovery community and world.

I’ve got over 12 years of recovery and have gone from spiritual breakdown where I couldn’t make it through the day without a drink, a cry or a guy...anything to fill the bottomless pit I called the void inside of me. I used psycho-therapy, medication and a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology to befriend my feelings and find a new way of thinking.

But…The #1 thing that helped me recover–and refrain from relapsing into old behaviors–has been putting my focus on infusing more purpose into everything I do. Making my recovery purposeful has been my lifeline and lead into my life’s work. A Passion Project is a wonderful way to be purposeful with your recovery. It’s a fantastic stepping stone into greater service. And the recovery community is need of your passion, specifically during Recovery Month in September.

Benefits to doing a Passion Project are experiencing:

Deeper connection with Self and others.

Joy, fulfillment and expression in your life.

Sacred service by paying forward your recovery.

A sense of accomplishment and completion.

Experiencing yourself as more confident and capable then you ever knew.

And yes, I’ve done a Passion Project, too and it supported me in integrating all I had learned, in living intentional and in stretching beyond my comfort zone to do great work into the world. I went from spiritually bankrupt to becoming a Substance Abuse Counselor to then becoming a Recovery Life Coach to then owning my own coaching business. It’s time to fully express the gifts you have received in recovery and give it back to the world. Let me now give you the roadmap to do this too!


I help men and women use their recovery to step into greater service and impact. I do this work because self-actualization and actualization of the world is important to me. And I truly believe that you can use your recovery to create immense purpose and joy for yourself, your family and your community. Your recovery is not in vain. You were meant to recover! You were meant to be the demonstration for those around you. So let’s get on with it!

Join the Ripple if…

  • You are feeling rock solid in your recovery and ready to serve a higher calling.
  • You are a go-getter who loves to learn and is going to eagerly await every module while getting all your homework "one and done" to be on the ball.
  • You enjoy having a guide that will break things down into manageable steps.
  • You can actually see yourself following through on a Passion Project within the next 6-12 months.

Definitely not for you if…

  • You are in active addiction. Support over service is in order.
  • You don’t enjoy being of service. A heart for service is definite must for a Passion Project.
  • You sign up for things that you don’t complete. No need to add another thing to the incompletion list.

I would LOVE to have you join the Ripple and be part of a recovery movement that has me jumping in the air and clicking my heels with excitement. I want you to hear me loud and clear... anyone can be a change-maker in their life and community. I’m calling you forward to stand in soul-centered sobriety where service, leadership and purpose prevail and we show the world that we do recover! Imagine how good it will feel when your kids, partner or parents (heck, all of ‘em’) are feeling proud of what you’ve accomplished and who you are being in the world. If you need to hop on a call and talk this over, message me at Otherwise, click the button below and start your Passion Project today!